What are some of the steps that the Church has taken to help provide a safe environment for our family to worship?


    We offer 2 services; one at 8AM and one at 10:30AM to minimize the number of people in either service.

    We open all doors (interior and exterior) for entry and exit to and from the sanctuary.  This allows you to exit your car, enter the building, find your seat, worship with us, exit the building and return to your car without touching anything inside the building.

    There are hand sanitizer dispensers placed throughout the Church.

    We disinfect the building between services.  This includes but is not limited to; spraying all chairs with disinfectant, wiping common ‘touch points’ such as door handles and other horizontal surfaces, and cleaning the bathroom fixtures.

    We have installed no touch switches on the lights in the restrooms, along with swinging doors to the entrances of the restrooms in efforts to limit touch contamination and spread.

    We do not pass offering plates.  We have taken steps to allow you the opportunity to give: 1) We have mounted secure drop boxes in the sanctuary, in the overflow room, and outside of the gym. 2) We have established ‘online’ giving through our website.  3) We welcome donations by mail.


Mail your donation to:

Faith Baptist Church
PO BOX 187
Belle Valley, Ohio


Give online